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About Cayman

Grand Cayman is a very safe oasis in the middle of a troubled and chaotic world.


Development in the Cayman Islands (Real Estate in Cayman Islands)

The three islands which comprise the British colony of the Cayman Islands have a total area of 100 square miles, 76 of which make up the capital island, Grand Cayman.

Most land in the Islands is privately owned. Every piece of land is registered and one can examine the records of any piece of land at the Lands and Survey Department, to see if there are liens, charges or other restrictions upon it. Our modern land registry system, makes transfers simple, quick and safe, and is backed by a government guarantee.


Grand Cayman – A great choice for your real estate needs! (Cayman Real Estate)

  • Easy to get to, 1 hour direct flights from Florida daily Easy to travel from and to all the world destinations!
  • Spectacular climate.
  • Stable currency in US$ and CI $
  • Cayman Islands has enjoyed continuous appreciation in real estate. We DO NOT have inheritance tax, income tax, property tax or capital gains tax!
  • A modern land registry system, making transfers simple, quick and safe, and backed by a government guarantee.
  • A well-developed infrastructure of ports and airports, asphalt main roads, schools, hospitals.
  • Reliable and safe drinking water.
  • Excellent Doctors and medical facilities.
  • Reliable and efficient electricity, telephone, fax, and mobile services. Digicel and LIME are offering mobile service.
  • Complete absence of restriction upon foreign ownership of land, in contrast to some other Caribbean territories.